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Greg received an Oscar® as one of the Cinematographers of the Academy Award® winning

Best Documentary, "The Cove" in 2010.

He swims, surfs, powerfoils and runs on the beach to stay in shape.

Greg has produced and filmed many ocean-themed films and his footage has been used in over 200 international TV commercials and feature films.

He has also spent several thousand days on location as a 'Natural Light' still photographer and

has shot hundreds of magazine covers and advertisements.

Greg graduated with a Filmmaking Degree (BFA) from the San Fransisco Art institute, has a

University teaching credential from the California Community Colleges and holds Australian,

British and American passports. 

    Greg Huglin-Cinematographer/Director

  • Academy Award Winner for Cinematography - The Cove – ‘Best Documentary’ winner 2010.

  • Producer of digital content for Surfing Australia’s website and TV show

  • Cinematographer contributing to over 200 international commercials.

  • Producer/Director/Cinematographer for a multitude of films including Surfing Dolphins, Shark Park,

  • Five Summer Stories, Fantasea, In Quest of the Sun (Silver medalist at Cannes Film Festival),

  • Southern Cross music video for Crosby Stills and Nash , 

  • Hawaiian Watermen with musician Jack Johnson and

  • HandCrafted by Dick Van Straalen, co-directed with John Charlton.


Partial list of Cinematography credits

Cinematographer on 'The Cove'- 2010 (90 minute documentary, Academy Award for

'Best Documentary' Winner -2010. 

  •  The Sounds Of Unridden Waves- Feature Film-2021- Principal Cinematographer

  • 300 Noosa Film Academy Workshops in Queensland Schools 2020-2021

  • HandCrafted by Dick Van Straalen-2020-42 Minute Documentary-Director/DOP/Editor.

  • National Geographic-Shark Week-2019 Cameraman.

  • Volvo Penta- TV Commercial and Documentary-Sweden-2018 Underwater DOP/Cameraman. 

  • Girl On Wave-Feature Film-2017-Cinematographer.

  • Lipton Tea "All At Sea"-2017-TV Commercial-Underwater DOP/Cameraman. Dir: Ben Nott.

  • In Like Flynn-Feature Film-Underwater DOP-Underwater Cameraman.

  • Illuma Baby Formula-2017- Chinese TV Commercial-Underwater DOP/Cameraman.

  • Fish People-Feature Film from Patagonia-2017- Cinematographer.

  • Pickup-20 Minute short film-2017- DOP/Cinematographer. 

  • Distance Between Dreams-RedBull Media House-2016, Cinematographer.

  • The Big Wave Project-Australian Feature Film-2017, Cinematographer.

  • Sunrise At Sunshine-Music Video-2016-Shot in Queensland-Director, Cinematographer, Editor.

  • Mark Jacobs-Jacobs Surfcraft- Music Video-2016-Shot in Queensland-Director, Cinematographer, Editor.

  • Peahi 3-Ahead Of The Game- Music Video-2016- Shot in Hawaii- Director, Cinematographer, Editor.

  • Peahi 2-Off Limits- Music Video-2016-Director, Cinematographer, Editor. 

  • Gods and Heroes-Music Video-2016- Shot in Hawaii- Director, Cinematographer, Editor.

  • Above The Sky-Music Video-2016-Shot in Queensland 2015- Director, Cinematographer, Editor.

  • Catwalk-2015-Swimwear commercial shot in Queensland, Director, Cinematographer.

  • Tingle Toes-2015-Music Video shot in Queensland, Director, Cinematographer, Editor.

  • Harrison Roach- 2015 MySurfTv- Music Video-- Director, Cinematographer, Editor.

  • Dean Brady- 2015-MySurfTv-Music Video-- Director, Cinematographer, Editor.

  • Deep Impact-2015-Music Video shot in Tahiti-Director, Cinematographer, Editor.

  • Samsung/Visa Commercial shot in Tahiti in 2014, Cinematographer.

  • Immersion-2014 (Australian surfing documentary) Cinematographer.

  • Encoded-2013 (Australian surfing documentary) Cinematographer.

  • Shark Attack 3-Megalodon (90 minute feature film) Shark Cinematographer.

  • Minds In The Water-2012 (70 minute documentary) Cinematographer.

  • Surfing Dolphins-2000-2011 (20 minute documentary) Producer/Director/Cinematographer.

  • The Cove- 2010 (90 minute documentary, Academy Award for Best Documentary Winner in 2010 for “Best Documentary”-Cinematographer.

  • Shark Park- 2005/6 (40 Minute Sports Documentary) Winner “Best Wipeout”. Billabong Video Awards-2006, Winner “Golden Donut” Award at Surfer Magazine Awards, 2006, Producer, Cinematographer.

  • Billabong Odyssey- 2003- (90 minute documentary) Cinematographer.

  • Tow-In World Cup-2001 (90 minute documentary) Cinematographer.

  • Dogtown/Z Boys- 2002 (90 Minute documentary) Cinematographer.

 My Cinematography has been seen in over 200 commercials, these clients include:

  • Qantas, National Geographic, Seea Swimwear, Listerine, Ford, Honda, Bud Lite, Dodge Durango, Unysis, Sebring, Chrysler, Cadillac,Blue Cross, Optima Insurance, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Sears, Time, Elevato, Time/Life, Marathon Oil, ESPN, Nikon, Canon, Coors Light, Destiny Health, Querencia (Mexico), Samsung Galaxy, Canadian Lotto, Shakelton, Alpine Microsystems, Pirelli, Roche, Bell, DisneyCruises, Suncom, Old Navy, PineSol, Nissan Xterra, Clorox, Yonata (Japan), NEC, AT&T, Samsung Galaxy, Canadian National Lottery, and Travel Salews (Germany.


Professional References


Louie Psihoyos, National Geographic Photographer and the Director of The Cove, which won the Academy Award in 2010 for Best Documentary Feature as well as 70 other film festival awards. Louie wrote: 

“Instrumental to the success of that film is the enormous talent of Greg Huglin who I regard as the finest working cinematographer of his generation.”

Jack Johnson, American Musician, Film Producer, Cinematographer and Australian resident whose film credits include: Hawaiian Watermen (with Greg Huglin), The September Sessions (winner best Surfing Film by Surfer Magazine in 2002), Thicker Than Water. 

“I have known Greg Huglin for more than 15 years and regard him as a mentor of my film-making career. I was hired by him to work as a cameraman between 1997 and 1999.  Soon after this I shot ‘September Sessions’, which went on to win Surfer Magazine’s award for best film of the year, so I felt I had learned my lessons well.”

Albert Falzon, Australian Producer/Director of: Morning Of The Earth, Globus, Festivals Of The World, Women Of Spirit, Road to Timbuktu, Crystal Voyager, Khumba Melu, and twenty other feature films.  Co-founder of TRACKS magazine. Inductee into Australian Surfing Hall Of Fame in 2006 wrote this:

“Greg Huglin is an exceptionally talented ocean cinematographer whose international standing is well recognized by his peers and who received an Academy Award for his work in filming ‘The Cove’. His residency here in Australia will attract foreign clients to employ Australian film crews and to film with him here in Australia. In the 13 months Greg has lived in Australia, he has made three filming trips to Tahiti and has filmed more than 90 ‘on location’ days in Queensland. He recently filmed a swimwear video ‘Catwalk’ in Noosa for an American client, Seea, which has hundreds of thousands of views on Vimeo. He also filmed a music video in Noosa titled ‘Tingle Toes,’ and has contributed to Tourism Noosa film projects that are currently being shown on Qantas international flights. Greg also recently contributed to the Gold Coast World Surfing Reserve and the Noosa National Surfing reserve films that are being shown internationally and will attract more surfing tourists to Australia. He also filmed part of the ‘Deux Ex Machina’ motorcycle/surfing film ‘North To Noosa’, that is sponsored and distributed worldwide by Deus Australia. Age is not an issue for a visual artist like Greg Huglin and myself. Like painters and writers, we don’t ‘retire’ at age 65, we keep on creating new work indefinitely. I have no doubt that Greg Huglin will continue to shoot film for decades to come and his work will certainly reflect well on his adopted country, Australia.”


Andrew Stark, the CEO of Surfing Australia, has this to say about my recent cinematography work for them:

“Greg Huglin plays a key role in delivering footage to and mentoring for Australia’s leading digital surfing website and television show It has become the largest provider of surfing content in the country and has its own show broadcast nationally on the Channel 9 network. Since collaborating with, Greg has contributed and continues to contribute footage of an exceptional standard”. “His knowledge and years of experience is proving invaluable not just for the team of cinematographers but many of Australia’s young action filmmakers who are often contracted by the platform. He regularly mentors and provides guidance to all our cinematographers. In my opinion Greg Huglin’s contribution to the burgeoning and rapidly changing industry of digital content creation will significantly elevate Australia’s international standing in the field.”


Jack McCoy-Producer, Director and Cinematographer of more than 25 Australian feature films including: Tubular Swells, Storm Riders, Kongs Island, Trade Winds, Bunyip Dreaming, Green Iguana, Occy the Occumentary, Blue Horizon. Winner of the LifeTime Achievement Award at the 2012 X-Dance Film Festival. He wrote:

 “Greg is a very talented filmmaker and cameraman with skills that are not available in Australia, specifically specialized water cinematography and long lens cinematography. His reputation in my world is that his skills are some of the best in the world. I know Greg to also be of great character who enjoys teaching young and up and coming filmmakers the craft he has lived his whole life.’

Dick Hoole, Producer and Cinematographer of the Australian films: Tubular Swells, Storm Riders, Catch The Feeling, Asian Paradise. Recipient of the Australian Sports Medal in 2000 from the Government of Australia. Surfing’s governing body ‘Surfing Australia’ has bestowed several awards on Dick Hoole including induction in the Australian Surfing Hall of Fame and a lifetime achievement award for services to surf culture. He wrote: 

“I have known Greg for nearly 40 years and consider him to one of surfing finest cameramen as well as being a significant contributor of the genre as a producer/director. Greg’s career established him as a leading independent producer of ocean related documentaries, including shooting for the Oscar award winning ‘The Cove.’

Ira Opper, American film Director/Producer whose credits include: Surfer Magazine TV series on ESPN, The Surfers Journal series on Outdoor Life and the National Geographic network, FINS series on FUEL TV Australia and Legends of Malibu, Powerglide Super Slide, Wordz Hang, Ultimate Sessions and Surf Cult California. Ira Opper has received seven EMMY awards in the USA including one for Kokua in 2008 featuring musician Jack Johnson. Ira wrote: 

“For the past 25 years I have produced several internationally distributed sport television series…Greg’s photography has been included in all these projects. I also produced a segment profiling Greg’s recent work in a FINS episode for which I received my seventh EMMY award.”




  • San Fransisco Art Institute graduate Cinematographer able to operate most 35mm and 16mm motion picture cameras in addition to new RED Epic UltraHD video camera systems.


  • Owner/Operator of RED ‘Epic’ 5k UltraHD camera system (worth over $70,000).

  • Creative team leadership and able to motivate divergent groups of assistants clients, models and actors into a cohesive working team.


  • Pragmatic ability to turn creative ideas into viable economic projects.


  • Commercial experience of the stock footage industry.  


  • Contemporary knowledge of distribution channels and film contracts.


  • Experienced in creating, producing and uploading content for global video sharing and the expertise to monetize web content. 


  • Vast fashion photography experience from thousands of days producing still images on location with extensive knowledge of set management and use of natural lighting.


  • Experience with creation, editing and delivery of product for digital media using Final Cut Pro X and Photoshop.


  • Compelling and confident public speaker.

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